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Cleveland Chiropractor

Turpin Chiropractic has over 40 years serving the Cleveland, TN and Bradley County area. Dr. Turpin and his highly trained staff specialize in the treatment of all types of spinal and musculoskeletal conditions including things like neck and low back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis of the spine, chronic headaches as well as auto accident, work related accidents and sports injuries.

Dr. David L. Turpin is celebrating 40 years of service to the Cleveland and Bradley County area.

As one of the best chiropractic clinics in Cleveland, we are very excited to be in our new expanded offices. We have doubled our previous size to allow us the ability to treat a higher volume of patients comfortably and offer a wider variety of services to our patients.

Dr. David L. Turpin graduated from Lee University with a bachelors degree in biological sciences and went on to graduate Cum Laude from Life University in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Turpin is licensed in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. He is also a member of the Tennessee Chiropractic Association.

One of our many success stories is the utilization of state of the art Spinal Disc Decompression that we perform in our office. We have performed 1000s of decompression treatments with 90% success. This has been the single, most effective advancement in the treatment of disc related pain that we have seen in the past 20 years. We have always practiced by the rule that surgery is the last option.

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